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    schakravarthy Newbie

    how do i insert text in a master


    i want to reduce the size of "iiot information dashboard" , its an image file and i wana know how to reduce its size or is there any other option to insert that text in masters ? pls tell the procedure for it

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        mnarang Explorer

        swetha chakravarthy - There is no option for reducing text size in an image here .Either you need to select the whole image with smaller text size and use this media in Master or use label instead and play with style definitions to achieve your use case .Like for example you can separate out the left side of image using paint and use that as a media in mashup and for "IIOT INFORMATION DASHBOARD" use label in a mashup and play with style definition like this - This is a Label with black background you can use your part of image(That you separated out from paint or any tool) in left hand side as indicated by an arrow .