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    FAIL - Application at context path [/Thingworx] could not be started




    Experiencing this error upon starting Thingworx on Tomcat Manager "FAIL - Application at context path [/Thingworx] could not be started"

    Please see attached file for the logs.


    Actions taken:

    -version checking

    -adding thingworx license

    -adding thingworx in system variables

    -added folder full control access
    -edited WEB-INF from WEBINF
    -restarted Tomcat 8.5


    With this, I'm still not able to start Thingworx on my local machine. Did I missed on any steps? Appreciate your help. Thanks!

    Currently doing:

    -reinstall Tomcat 8.5 from 32 bit to 64 bit


    This is RESOLVED.
    I did a fresh installation and the significant correction was reinstalling Tomcat from Tomcat 8.5 32 bit to Tomcat 8.0 64 bit.