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    Bind tags of IndustrialGateway Thing to predefined properties of ThingTemplate



    I am trying to utilise the Inheritance model of Thingworx and implement it with data coming from Industrial Connectivity.

    I have created a ThingTemplate [Battery_Template] with RemoteThing as Base ThingTemplate with properties of my BatteryStorage Entity such as Battery Status, Battery Voltage and Battery Temperature. I also set the binding of all those properties to Remotely, but obviously, I can't choose the Tag at this stage because I haven't defined IndustrialThingShape. I need to create IndustrialGateway thing separately and attach it to my Thing only.


    Then I have created a Thing [Ind_Battery] from above ThingTemplate and with IndustrailThingShape as Implemented Thingshape. I have also created a Thing [Ind_Gateway] with IndustrialGateway thingtemplate and connected it with my Industrial Connectivity software. I can see my tags in Ind_Gateway, but whenever I am trying to bind them to the properties in Ind_Battery it didn't allow me. I am not sure how would I achieve it.


    I can create a new remote thing and industrial gateway thing for each client but in my case, for Battery Entity all my Clients are going to have the same set of properties so I don't want to repeat same steps.