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    Sequence steps are not shown one after another

    Hey everybody,


    i am just working with Thingworx Trial since two weeks now.


    All in all it is working pretty good and the tutorials are awesome! But i have two rather big problems, where i am struggling with for quite a few days:


    1. I created a Sequence in Creo Illustrate which contains 4 single steps. When i import them into Thingworx Studio and want to view it with the VIEW App, the single steps are behaving strange. For example, if i click the "Play All" Button, it sometimes plays everystep at once, sometimes just the first step and sometimes it lacks the effects which i created in Creo. But it never just plays the steps 1:1 as i created them in Creo. If i use the "Play" Button together with the "Forward" Button for every single step, it just behaves as stranges as mentioned above.
      The buttons are per Default neither pressed nor not pressed. Additionally i checked the Visible and Disabled Boxes. I linked the buttons to the 3D Model with their specific action (Play, Play All, Forward, etc.). Is this a problem how i configuered the Buttons? Is there maybe any tutorial which i havent found yet ? Am i doing something wrong here? And if so, is it a Thingworx or a Creo problem?

    2. I wanted to show the description of each single step. My intention was to use the Annotation Boxes in Creo, but as i understood in this community forum, this is not working. I then wanted to try this workaround: Display sequence step names from Creo Illustrate The problem here is that it it only show the name of the Label in the App. I don't really understand this sentence: Now you only need to provide the correct initial value in the Label widget text property and add control widgets (Buttons, Playback) to drive your animation and you're done. Could you help me here what this means? What is my initial value of a sequence step?


    Thank you so much for your help in advance!


    Best regards from Germany



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        shumphrey Newbie

        Check your sequence in Illustrate.  It execute each movement according a percentage.  So the complete movement is 100%.  You need to set each movement (item) be a certain percentage.   Adjust the percentage for the amount of time you want each step to use out of the total time of the sequence.


        As you see here my step run for 3.5 seconds and I have each movement take 10% of the 3.5 seconds to run.  Hope this helps.