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    krotangan Newbie

    get location from mobile to thingworx platform

    how can we trace the location based on mobile gsm with thingworx ? Is there any api itegration require to do that please help me out to that?

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        supandey Ninja

        Hi Khetesh, you could probably look into using ThingWorx Android/iOS SDK to create apps for your mobile device, of course it'll depend on what sort of device you have and how powerful/capable it is. Another option could be to use ThingWorx C SDK with which you can gather information from your EDGE device and send it over to ThingWorx.


        If you are trying to test something straight forward before you get into trying EDGE SDKs you can also use REST calls to ThingWorx to update the RemoteThings in ThingWorx with the data sent from mobile devices.