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    Stream confusion

    I'm running Thingworx 7.2.


    Situation: I've got a greenhouse with 5 sensors recording temperature, humidity and light. I'm getting data and life is good.

    Request: The greenhouse owner has asked forDaily High and Lows for each sensor over time


    Maintaining the current Hi/Low is easy. I get and am testing it now.


    To get the Daily Hi/Low, I assume that I need to do the following:

    • create a Data Shape with the 6 Hi/Low values
    • create a Stream to store that data
    • create a Scheduler that goes off at midnight
    • create a Thing to subscribe to that event and write a data shape to the stream
    • create a mashup that displays the stream


    This may sound like I know what I'm doing, but..


    1) Do I need a separate stream for each sensor?

    2) Should my Sensor ThingTemplate subscribe to the event?


    Any help is appreciated,