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    abarletta Newbie

    Adding column in Production Advisor?

    Hello all,


    I am trying to add a column to the Tree Grid Advanced Widget called "treegridadvanced_plantnetwork" in the PTC.Factory.PlantStatus Mashup (editable copy).


    I think I've managed to trace down the Data Shape responsible for the Columns, so correct me if I took a misstep somewhere: Data for the grid comes from the "GetPlantNetwork" Service under the "PTC.Factory.PlantStatusUtils" Thing. And the Data Shape that the "GetPlantNetwork" Service uses is "PTC.Factory.PlantStatusTreeDataShape". I was hoping to be able to add a Field under Field Definitions, but it is not editable. I was also unable to find a PTC.Factory.C_PlantStatusTreeDataShape_[version] type Thing.


    Am I going about this the wrong way?


    Thanks in advance for any help.

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        varathanran Creator

        Hi Aldo,


        Even if you change the datashape to add your property the service should return it. One possible solution is you can write your own service (you may call the current service within yours) like wrapper which can return your custom datashape along with custom property. You can copy the current datashape and modify it. Then copy the container mashup (or mashup itself if needed) which has this Grid. Make sure to use your custom service to populate the tree. It should work.


        I hope this helps.




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          stmarchessault Creator

          Greetings Aldo Barletta


          Following up with you on the original question posted here, can you please indicate if the recommendations given answered this for you?


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          Steven M