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    Viewing Remote Thing with File Transfer Virtual Directory in a Mashup.



    I am following a guide to create a mashup that will allow me to transfer files to the Thingworx server from my local machine, and then also transfer them to a remote thing on the edge. I am using the Thingworx .NET SDK to create an agent that opens the Web Socket connection. I set up a virtual directory in the code, and have successfully sent and received files by testing out some services that I wrote in the agent. So I can successfully send and receive files from a file repository thing to the edge device and back.


    The problem I am facing is that when I create the mashup, I cannot get the directory structure to display in the tree widget. I see in the guide that they are using the Edge MicroServer, but I am using the SDK to set up my virtual directory, so is the micro server still needed? Is there any way to configure a Mashup to transfer files from the server to the cloud without having to use the Edge MIcroServer? When I look at the Mashup, this is the reseult I get.

    As you can see, the File Repository thing shows up without any issue, but the right side is the remote thing and it doesn't show the directory tree structure even though I set it up in the same way as the file repository widget.


    Here is the Link ott he guide that I was following to build my current mashup, Thanks in advance for the help.