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    DemoFactoryPackage Import doesn't work

    Hi team,

    I am trying to deploy the "DemoFactoryPackage" from https://www.ptc.com/en/thingworx/manufacturing-apps/Dashboard/Get-Started/Configuring-the-Apps-with-Demo-Data-Set-and-Si…

    for simulating data of Assets and lines between KepServerEx 6 and Thingworx 8.0 MannufacturingApps.

    But after doing the import of the File DemoFactoryDataSet.zip on the MannufacturingApps I don't find any of the Assets in the MannufacturingApp or Thingworx Composer.


    Are the files on the link above wrong (I see a difference in the name, in the guide i see "DemoFactoryData-05-17-2017.zip" while in the current file is "DemoFactoryDataSet.zip")?

    Thank you.