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    Infotable: How to truncate a String and convert to Datetime for a specific colum



    I'm quiete new in the thingworx business and face the following issue:


    I fetch an Report from Windchill by an Service and get an resulting infotable. One Field of the columns represents a date/time attribute that unfrotunatley uses an unsupported format like "2017-08-10 11:32:00 CEST". If I use datetime type attribute in the datashape it results in ierror that CEST is malformed. For analysis in thingworx I need this field in datetime format. My approach now is to truncate the "CEST" portion an convert the field from string into datetime. I tried something with derived filed function, but didn't succeed. I can't imagine that this usecase is unusual but haven't found the right answer in the community so far. I looking forward to your assistance. Thanks in advane!