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    Thingworx DB (Postgres) HA architecture


    We have configured DB HA architecture for our project.  postgres 9.4.9 on RHEL 7.1

    A(master) B(slave primary) and C (salve secondary)

    A--->B, A--->C synchronous replication. Replication works as expected

    When  A(Master) is stopped --> failover.sh script is triggered by pgpool--> B becomes new master -->C is rebuilt successfully from B(retergetmaster.sh),

    but after that pgpool is unable to connect to new master (B), it still keeps on looking for old master (A),

    If we manually kill failover.sh process on pgpool machine, pgpool connects to new master (B)

    has any body faced this issue , how to resolve it ?

    attached the the files