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    Not able to view navigate app tiles in LandingPageAccessAppMashup

    I am using Thingworx 8.1.1 war file and acquired licenses for navigate and Twx (attached image of the licenses acquired in Licenses.jpeg).

    I have two apps imported in Twx and which are viewable in Twx 8.0.1, but in Twx 8.1.1 on LandingPageAccessAppMashup I am not able to see any app tiles. I have added 'Administrator' to two navigate user groups available but still I am not able to view those apps.


    In help document I found some information written regarding licensing as,

         "ThingWorx 8.1 and later requires that a instance-specific license activation ID is added to the platform-settings.json file that is located in the ThingworxPlatform folder. Multiple IDs must be separated by a comma. Activation IDs are provided in the entitlement letter or via the Manage Licenses section of the PTC Support Portal"


    I have attached licenses I am able to see in Licensing Sub-system in attached image 'LicensingSubSystem.jpg'.

    Anyone has any idea about what value we need to mention in platform-settings.json file? or how can we view those apps?



    Thanks in advance,