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    rradivojevic Explorer

    How to install and customize thingworx asset advisor app or others?

    I was reading about it here: https://www.ptc.com/en/products/service-lifecycle-management/thingworx-asset-advisor

    Where to download it from? I was trying to go to: ThingWorx IoT Marketplace

    but there is no download page. I have Thingworx 8.1.1 installed on Ubuntu AWS AMI instance with Postgres DB.


    There is also an interesting application to see how I can build mashup similar to this app:


    I need to build an app similar like Axeda (with its pre-builit asset management screen and to drill down to each asset/device to see its status, alarms, data values) and I was wondering if I can start from an existing Thingworx app and modify it and go from there?

    In the case of asset advisor this seem to be an app so I was wondering how to start creating my own app based on this or other apps available (are they just custom extension with packaged entities (like advisor app) :  Thigns, MediaEntities, Mashups, ThingTemplates, DataShapes, Masters etc.


    I would like to build an asset list page with a link to a detailed page like asset advisor app shows: