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    skorlam Newbie

    No display on Canvas in Thingworx studio

    There is no display on Canvas screen in Thingworx studio version 8.1.1. Please help me on how to get the display; following is the screenshot for the same.

    No error displayed, however the screen shows white color.




    Thank you.




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        sdidier Explorer

        Hello Srinivas,


        It seems related to an issue with graphic card and rendering in WebGL.


        I have some questions :

              1) What is the graphic card available on the workstation ?

              2) What is the CPU used ?

              3) Do you have an embedded GPU in CPU ? (for example in Intel core 7, an Intel HD graphic GPU is embedded and can be used instead graphic card on pci-express port)

              4) Did you upgrade to last drivers for graphic card and for GPU embedded ?


        Thanks in advance for your feedback.


        Best regards,