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    Rahul Kharyal Newbie

    NextGen Composer Issues

    Hey Everyone,


    I've come across something strange while working on ThingWorx 8.1, whenever I create a Mashup with the names including but not limited to "New Mashup" or "new mashup" and try and switch to it's Design mode after saving it. There are some other name samples too. It does these two things as follows:


    1. It shows an error message stating "You do not have permission to view new%20mashup"
    2. It opens up a view of the Classic Composer under the NextGen Composer


    Which should not be the case when the UI has been switched to Next Gen Composer.


    Also noticed another instance of the same problem when multiple mashups are selected and View button is Clicked, a view of the Classic Composer is visible.


    NextGen Composer, @ThingWorx8