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    How to add User Extensions properties to custom extension



    I am trying to create customer extension which can be published to marketplace.]


    I am using composer to create entities and Eclipse for creating extension.

    The extension also contains user extensions properties.


    I've tried to add properties from serivce and restart dependencies after adding. Here is the code from service:


    var params = {

            defaultValue: "",

            remote: false,

            description: "Description" /* STRING */,

            readOnly: false /* BOOLEAN */,

            type: "STRING" /* BASETYPENAME */,

            logged: false /* BOOLEAN */,

            name: "paramName" /* STRING */,

            dataChangeType: "VALUE",

            persistent: true /* BOOLEAN */



        // no return


    params = {

    name: "UserExtensions" / THINGSHAPENAME /



    // no return



    Can you please help me to find way to add user extensions properties to custom extension?


    Thanks in advance,