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    Thingworx 8.1 Installation Error

    Hi all,


    I tried to install Thingworx 8.1 (120 days trail package - H2 DB Embedded). Downloaded from Thingworx developer portal.

    1.Installed Tomcat 8.5 and Java SDK (Working fine).

    2.Deployed thingworx WAR file in Tomcat "webapps" folder.

    3.Restarted Tomcat.


    But, am not able to access http://localhost/Thingworx.


    Tomcat Showing...

    1. Thingworx platform Running status as "false".


    2. I tried to start Thingworx platform.

    Showing error : FAIL - Application at context path [/Thingworx] could not be started



    How can i resolve this issue?




    Sathishkumar C.

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        polinao Ninja

        Did the ThingworxStorage and ThingworxBackupStorage folders get created on your harddrive? Do the folders have full permissions? What are your tomcat settings? Can you please show a screenshot of your Java Tab in tomcat, like the following: