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    Unable to connect Trail version 8.1 url WS://pp-1711300548iX.devportal.ptc.io/Thingworx/WS

    Hi Team,


    We are using Trail veesion 8.1 TW Composer and trying to connect from SDK also Industrial gateway kepserver

    we are entering details as below -


    Hostname - pp-1711300548iX.devportal.ptc.io

    Port - 80 (also 443 and 8080, 8081, 8000)

    App key - <App key>

    Resource - /Thingworx/WS (in case of kepserver)

    But we are unable to Connect to Composer / Thingworx Host server with following error -

    Connection to ThingWorx failed. | Platform pp-1711300548iX.devportal.ptc.io/Thingworx/WS, error: could not establish a websocket connection.

    We also tried with encryption to disable