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    Not able to install ThingWorx Analytics server 8.1 since Docker not supported for Windows 2012 R2.



    I have been trying to install the analytics server 8.1 but the only option available for installing it is with Docker. However, I am not able to install docker for the Windows Server 2012 R2 (Virtual Machine using RDC) and hence I tried installing the docker toolbox as a workaround but this didn't work as well and shows an error message(attached). On the docker website, there is only an enterprise download option that too for windows 2016 server.



    I wanted to know, is there a workaround to install analytics server 8.1 without docker for my system?




    Will it work, if I can install docker on my Windows 10 system and then try and connect those two?




    Is it possible that I use some of the older versions of analytics server such as 8.0(I am assuming if they don't use docker). And will these versions be supported by the Thingworx Core 8.1 and Analytics extensions 8.1? As I have already installed analytics extension 8.1 (the problem Problem while Configuring Communication Settings in Analytics Builder which I faced might be because I did not install the Analytics server first).


    Or any other workaround if possible?