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    How to use QueryNamedPropertyHistory service with API call

    Hi community,


    I've been trying to use the service; QueryNamedPropertyHistory() through an API call but not having any success. These are the details of my call:


    Method: POST

    Url: http://xx-xxx-xxx-xxx/Thingworx/Things/ThingName/Services/QueryNamedPropertyHistory?appKey==xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx…


    params = {

          "oldestFirst": false,

          "maxItems": 50,

          "endDate": null,

          "startDate": null,

          "query": null,

          "propertyNames" : {

          "rows": [{

              "name": "propertyName",

              "description": "propertyDescription"


          "dataShape": {

              "fieldDefinitions": {

                  "name": {

                      "name": "name",

                      "aspects": {},

                      "description": "",

                      "baseType": "STRING",

                      "ordinal": 1


                  "description": {

                      "name": "description",

                      "aspects": {},

                      "description": "",

                      "baseType": "STRING",

                      "ordinal": 2







    Below is my response: I would expect to see the propertyName in the response data alongside the 'timestamp' field. Does anyone have any advice?

    QueryNamedPropertyHistory Response pic.PNG