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    Custom Configuration tables

    Hi. I'm trying to find a template which add a configuration link (see attached image) to each instance of it. So my question... is there a Template that make this or do i have to create my custom template?. If that's so, how do i accomplish that?


    Thank you for your time.

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        Hi Eddison,

        if you want to create your custom Configuration Table I think you need to use a custom extension and create a custom template. I also have Configuration Tables in my Java extensions. Just create a new extension using the extension sdk, there you can define Configuration Tables for your needs.

        For a Java Extension you would accomplish that via these annotations:

        @ThingworxConfigurationTableDefinitions(tables = {

             @ThingworxConfigurationTableDefinition(name = "ConfigTable", description = "", isMultiRow = false, ordinal = 0, dataShape =           @ThingworxDataShapeDefinition(fields = {

                       @ThingworxFieldDefinition(name = "TableRow", description = "", baseType = "STRING", ordinal = 0, aspects = { }) })) })