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    How to get notified when a file transfer is complete


    does anyone know how I can hook into a file transfer job complete event. I have a mash up which can kick start a file transfer from the edge to a file repository thing. Is there a way that I can hook into a notification that the transfer was completed successfully?


    I am using the  FileTransferSubsystem Copy service to do the actual transfer. I can see that one of the parameters for the service is async which is currently set to false.


    async - Should the service wait for the copy to complete - BOOLEAN

    I would prefer not to wait for the transfer complete in the service if possible as files might be quite large.

    I notice that the copy service returns a result  - INFOTABLE - Aspects {dataShape:FileTransferJob} . Is there some way I can use this. I thought maybe I could use the transferId parameter and a timer to check if the job was done by using FileTransferSubsystem IsTransferJobActive service? Likewise it would also be good to know if it failed.