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    jmackenzie Newbie

    Video to play upon experience load and on screen

    I would like a video (widget in 2D mode) to play upon the ThingMark scan and experience load. I currently have to press the play button for the video to play. Also, when I launch the experience on my iPhone and play the video, it currently goes to full screen. Is there a way for the video to play contained on the screen in the experience, while still viewing all of the other elements?





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        agupta-3 Explorer

        Hi Joe MacKenzie,


        As per my knowledge; ThingWorx view just passes the video file to the device video player to play. there is no inbuilt video player in the ThingWorx view.

        You can play the video using the onload event of the model as soon as the model load is complete but it will play in your device video player (full screen).


        I too think PTC should add the feature to play the video within the ThingWorx view Experience.



        Ankit Gupta