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    How to take Remote Access for Non VNC type


    I am using JAVA SDK to connect remote device.I enabled the tunneling and able to connect VNC type of device as remote. Few devices are in the type of http. How to take this device as Remote.

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        carlesc Heavyweight Champ

        I'm interested too, about http/https tunneling through ThingWorx: If I understand well what you want and what we want:


        • We have a local network http/s server ( let's say it )
        • We add theTW Microserver on this LocalNetwork with Tunneling support
        • On ThingWorx RemoteThingWithTunnels we configure on myTunnels something like:
          • Tunnel Name: MyLocalWebServer
          • Description: Whatever
          • Host:
          • Port: 80
          • App URI: ??? /Thingworx/tunnel/http.jsp ???
          • Connections: 1
          • Protocol: tcp


        That would be really useful on many cases.