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    How to fill a repeater in thingworx studio


    I'm new to thingworx studio and have to get familiar with it.

    i have objects, that each have an image(contained in my Resources), a title and a description. In the later code those will be retrieved dymanically and can be of arbitrary number.

    For now i've created test-data like this:


      var obj1 = ["img1", "title1", "description1"];
      var obj2 = ["img2", "title2", "description2"];
      var obj3 = ["img3", "title3", "description3"];


    i guess the best way to display them would be in a repeater. So I have created one and filled it with an image view and two labels.

    How do i assign the date to it? (I know how to assign text to a label using application parameters)