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    Getting  Error while Thingworx-Navigate1.5 Installation

    Hi ,

    I am using below components after referring Navigate Support Matrix document:

    Thingworx 8.0.1 H2,

    Thingworx Utilities 8.0.1, Windchill Extension 1.7, Navigate Framework 1.4.1

    Windchill 11.0 M030

    Note: I have successfully installed patch WCTWXExtension in windchill, I have imported every component and extension without any error as mentioned in guide "Thinworx Navigate Installation and Configuration guide".

    I am getting error when I am trying to test the connection by running Validate Connection service in ptc-windchill-integration-connector. I am getting status as Failed and I am getting some error in application log. I have attached log file.

    Can anyone guide/help me with this?