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    Enhancement Request - Move "High, Med, Low" designation to beginning of Resource Name in Studio

    My issue is that I can't see the full name of the resources for CAD Optimized PVZ files uploaded into Studio.  When you use the CAD optimizer, there are 4 Resources created which inclue low, medium and High designations.  After upload, only the first 31 or so characters are displayed and I have no way of knowing which one is which when it comes time to remove unnecessary resources and also keep my harddrive from filling up.  What I'm proposing is moving the naming convention of "low, medium and High" to the beginning of the cad optimized name upon generation. In my case, I started with a PVZ file that was 1GB and then the low, medium high were all under 100MB.  Please make it easy for me to remove the 3 of the 4 PVZ resources that I'm not using.


    For reference, I know that I can go to the src folder to see the PVZ files created.






    resource name.png