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    Get Image data from the edge


    could anyone suggest the best way to retrieve image data from a file on an edge device to display in a mashup?


    We have some remote assets that have some image files residing on the edge. These image files are updated from time to time. I would like to get the data from one of these files and display it in a mash. The assets have RemoteThingWithTunnelsAndFileTransfer thing representations on the server. I notice that FileRepository things have a LoadImage service, but the RemoteThingWithTunnelsAndFileTransfer things do not. The options that I see are:

    1. Upload the files to a file repository when required and then use the LoadImage service.
    2. Create an image property on the edge and write the data to that rather than a file.

    Both the above have drawbacks as 1. uploading the file then reading it might be slow and 2. would mean increasing data transfer even if the data wasn't currently being viewed in a mashup. Ideally I would just like to read the data from the file on the edge, but can't see how I might do that. Has anyone got any ideas please?