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    Binding KEPServer isConnected Property

    We currently have ThingWorx 7.1 and the KEPServerEX extension package version 1.6.0.

    I have a Kepserver Thing, let's call it 'KEPThing', that implements the 'RemoteKEPServerEXThing' Thing Template.  I've added Kepware tags to KEPThing as Properties.  These and the RemoteKEPServerEXThing TT properties, 'lastConnection' and 'isConnected', update properly in KEPThing.

    Next I've created another Thing, let's call it 'SimThing', and used Manage Bindings to bind my tag properties from KEPThing to properties on SimThing (I've tried both binding as a new Property and binding to an existing property with the same base type). 

    SimThing properly receives values from KEPThing's tag Properties, but the 'isConnected' and 'lastConnection' properties do not seem to propagate to SimThing.  I've tried having SimThing implement 'GenericThing' Thing Template and 'RemoteThing' Thing Template with the same results.

    Any ideas why the 'isConnected' boolean or 'lastConnection' time value doesn't seem to be properly binding to my KEPThing's same properties?

    Also, I have had this error in the Application log.

    Error notifying things of propertyBinding changes on activate: SimThing property isConnected


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        pchung Collaborator

        isConnected is a local property that you should be able to bind as a Local Binding. So on your new Thing if you have a property created, then click on Manage bindings, stay on Local, find the other Thing and drag isConnected to your desired property.

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            Thanks for the reply.

            That is exactly what I've been doing.  The binding shows up in the 'Type' section of the Property, but the value remains 'false'.  The tag properties have changing values so I know their bindings are working.

            Odd problem.  I have noted that both isConnected and lastConnection are Properties of the 'Connectable' Thing Shape.