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    Send Data From Dataconnect To Analytics Server


    I have just started with thingworx analytics 7.4and DataConnect 7.4 I have some issues in sending data from dataconnect to analytics server.

    I have followed these steps:

    1] Set up Analytics Server

    2] Import Analytics extension

    3] Set up Dataconnect

    4] Configure Platform Subsystem with dataconnect params

    5] Configure MachineLearningAll thing with Analytics server params

    6] Create a Data Analysis definition in TW and execute it

    7] The zip file with property data and payload.json are being created in thingworx repository

    8] Sending the zip(payload.json+csv) file to analytics server?

    My Thingworx and Dataconnect and Thingworx Analytics Server are not on the same machine, I have created a shared file on  dataconnect virtual machine and  I've run this command'ln -s /ThingworxStorage/reository/ repository'

    But the runtime still reported an error.I added an attachment.

    Is it the problem of configuring file dataconnect.conf?


    We look forward to your reply, thank you!

    Kind regards


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        cmorfin Communicator

        Hi JuanJuan


        Just to make sure I understand your configuration, could you confirm your setup is as below:

        ThingWorx on machine1

        ThingWorx analytics on machine2

        DataConnect on machine3

        is that correct, all software on its own machine ?


        On the DataConnect machine, could you execute ls /repository and send the output here ?


        The /repository folder on the DataConnect machine should show the same content as the ThingworxStorage/repository folder on the ThingWorx machine. So both should be mounted in some way. The link is only useful if both ThingWorx and DataConnect are on the same machine.