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    What happens to data in ThingWorx?Running SQL queries/commands on ThingWorx data?



    OK, so the title may seem a bit strange but this is actually a two part question, where the first one is more about the theoretical aspect of ThingWorx data storage and the second one is more geared towards the implementation and data querying part of it.


    Question 1: Since, I am running the ThingWorx 8.1 with Mssql as the persistence provider, and I am visualizing the generated data through value streams. I need a few clarifications here,

                        i.) Is the data generated from my Thing properties being directly getting stored in the Mssql server or what happens to the data which is generated by running the subscriptions etc.?                              If it is being stored automatically, then under what name (tables, columns etc.)?

                        ii.) If not, then does it get stored after a datashape is created?

                        iii.) Since this article Data Storage in ThingWorx deals more about explaining the types of data storage options available in the ThingWorx, it makes me wonder where exactly                                  does the data go, in case of an external persistence provider and how does it go there and how to retrieve it to see the values (past).


    This brings me to my second question. 

    Question 2: Assuming once it is clarified that how and where exactly is the data stored in the external persistence provider (from the above question), and since my persistence provider is Mssql, I should be able to run SQL queries on the data, theoretically straight from ThingWorx ( this is my understanding).

                        i.) Is my theoretical understanding about the platform correct?

                        ii.) If yes, then how exactly is it achievable?

                        iii.) If no, then what is way to perform these operations, if any?

    I have looked around the ThingWorx marketplace and ThingWorx IoT Marketplace  (Relational database connector) tool looks like it is made to the work which I want to do on ThingWorx. Is it the correct way to go? I have installed only the Mssql part of the extension from the package and since the webpage of the tool says that support will not be provided for the tool, it brings me back to my original question, how to perform SQL querying on Thingworx data, because without installing this extension, I am not even getting an option to create a service which allows the SQL querying.



    I hope the questions and intention behind them was clear enough.