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    Value Stream displaying different data at same time stamp



    The value stream attached to the thing's properties in my model, sometimes (rather most times) shows values at almost same time stamp (a microsecond difference, even when I gave the time difference for each trigger to be at least 10 seconds) with some of the properties being identical whereas some changing according to the logic written in the subscription or service. So just to clarify it, for example if there is logic where if the subscription runs the value of speed and distance of a thing should change but sometimes it changes only distance with speed being identical from the last reading and sometimes it does vice versa. This kind of results in an unreliable data most of the time and I am afraid that data cannot be fed in the Analytics server for further analysis, since it will not make sense to feed in partially correct data to train the model.


    Theoretically, every time a subscription runs it gets stored in a value stream and hence both the values should change (according to my code), no matter at what frequency the value s stored in the value stream. Is it correct or am I missing something here?




    P.S: it is important to note that sometimes it just runs smoothly with everything in place and all correct readings with proper time gaps and sometimes it just becomes so confusing just to look at the data and to understand what is going wrong. And all this happens without me changing anything in the code, but just running at maybe different times of the day (for ex. once every 3 hours)