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    ConnectedThingClient unbindThing vs unbind

    In the Java SDK (, when I unbind a thing, should I call unbindThing() or just unbind()?  The two methods seem to have different behaviors.

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        mnarang Apprentice



        I have done it with unbindThing() and able to do it .


        SteamThing steamSensorThing = new SteamThing("SteamSensor" + sensorID,"Steam Sensor #" + sensorID,"SN000" + sensorID,client);






        By bindThing() I binded it and with unbindThing() I remove the binding .After this the 'isconnected' property becomes false .For unbind() function ,it takes a string as input .I also gave it a try but don't know it's somehow throwing some exception .Will give it another try and will update you about this function .



        Thanks ,

        Mukul Narang