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    Failed to Publish (Not Found)

    Hello everyone!


    I am having some problems with publishing an AR-Experience which is connected to a ThingWorx Thing of mine.

    I created the Experience and copied the URL of my ThingWorx into the experience Server field.

    I was able to add the Thing after I logged in with my Administrator login from ThingWorx in the External Data column and connected its property to a 3D-Label which displays the value correctly.

    In the Infotab the IP-Address is also correctly Displayed but when I try to validate it an Error Message occurs which says: Failed to authenticate experience server.


    And when I try to Publish the Experience it displays following Error message:

    Uh-oh! Publish failed. Check the log for errors.

    Not Found.


    My log shows following message:

    [12/21/2017 14:42:28] info: [twx-studio:projectHelper] Building ves-ar-extension app: Test

    [12/21/2017 14:42:29] info: [twx-studio:index] Notify preview windows:  private-room-Test

    [12/21/2017 14:42:29]  [0mGET /api/switch  [32m200  [0m0.181 ms - - [0m

    [12/21/2017 14:42:29]  [0mPOST /api/publish/  [33m404  [0m2.946 ms - 42 [0m


    Many thanks in advance!