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    drichter Apprentice

    Custom widget updateProperty will not called



    I write a custom widget with a propery 'Data' with basetype INFOTABLE.


    I use the widget in a mashup along with a line chart widget. I bind a data source (service which returns a infotable) to the 'Data'-field of my widget and to the 'Data'-field of the linechart. Additionally I add a button to the mashup. If I click on this button I add a new dataset into the data source and call the servive of the data source. The line chart is refreshing and show my the new value. My own widget do nothing. I add a TW.log.debug("bla") to the this.updateProperty = function (updatePropertyInfo) in my code. In log I see only one-time the "bla" in log. Only after rendering the widget for the first time. The service call will not call the updateProperty function.


    What can be wrong? Is something to notes by refresh the data source?