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    Real-time Thingworx Analytics and using Power BI web tools in Azure

    It seems 3 Tomcat service needs to run for Analytics to work:

    • Thingworx itself
    • Analytics microservices
    • DataConnect  (which requires installation of Apache Spark 1.4.0 with Hadoop 2.4)


    This picture shows the process.

    TW Data Connect.jpg

    Is Thingworx Analytics real-time or batch based? Base on above diagram there seems to be polling for data.


    I would like to see how to achieve something like Microsoft Azure ML to provide predictive analysis.

    The data needed for ML will come from eg from HDInsight Spart Streaming

    and I would like to use Power BI to do some visualization by connecting to HDInsight Spark and using DirectQuery

    Spark BI using data visualization tools on Azure HDInsight | Microsoft Docs


    I was wondering how I can achieve near real-time analytics like Microsoft Azure does and how Power BI
    web tools can access Apeche Spark DB.

    Is it possible to use DataConnect with HDInsight Spark instance in Azure?

    If possible and if databases are compatible how to link Thingworx and Analytics server with HDInsight Spark instance in Azure?


    If Power BI can reach DataConnect's  Apache Spark I am OK with that.

    So the overall goal is to do real-time analytics using Thingworx Analytics and somehow visualize data using Power BI web tools.

    Can I embed Power BI widgets/dashboards into Thingworx's mashups?