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    What's happening with Jive points?

    As you know, we are migrating to a new community platform on Feb. 12, 2018, as well as merging with the existing PTC Community. Currently we run on Jive, which uses points to award individual actions executed in the community. Lithium, our new platform, uses a more sophisticated formula that awards participation, interaction, as well as content creation to show one's rank from level 0 to level 20. In short, Lithium doesn't use a points system.


    What happens to my points? Do I have to start over?

    The good news is that ThingWorx Community users aren't starting from zero once we migrate to the new platform and merge with PTC Community. And if you already have an account on PTC Community (using the same email addresses for both), your Jive activity will be merged with your Lithium activity at the time of migration.


    The following example illustrates what will happen in the points-to-rank migration:

    Jane has 2,100 points in Jive with 250 posts, 120 likes, and 80 correct answers in the ThingWorx Community. Jane is also on Lithium at level 1 with 2 posts, 1 kudo, and 2 accepted solutions in the PTC Community. After the migration, Jane will have 252 posts, 121 kudos and 82 accepted solutions and will be assigned the Lithium rank that reflects this activity.


    Join the migration group

    Don't forget that you can join the Lithium Migration Essentials group to read the FAQ, ask questions, and get the latest updates on the migration.