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    Trouble with ContentLoaderFunction response

    I am making an REST call from a service back to the ThingWorx platform that is running the service.  The purpose of this service it to programmatically create a subscription (I am aware of the Dynamic Subscription services, but they do not work for my use case).  If I make the REST call from the subscription everything works, but the response I get from the REST call doesn't tell me anything.  This isn't really useful in the case there is an error.


    How can I get the same response in my script that the Application Log and POSTMAN are getting (see below)?


    Example (names cleared out):

    Response from service test:



    However, there was an error logged in the Application Log:


    When I make the REST call from POSTMAN, it returns the same message as the Application Log:


    Here is the script and the message that is logged in the Script Log: