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    Revised categories coming soon!

    As part of the preparation for the migration to Lithium, you will notice revised categories coming online to the Developer forum over the next several weeks. The goal of this effort is to organize and refine the ThingWorx Community content so that we can smoothly transition to the new platform while also merging with the existing PTC Community’s structure.


    The new categories for the Developer forum are:

    • Analytics
    • Best Practices
    • Coding
    • Connectivity
    • Design
    • Examples
    • Extensions
    • Install/Upgrade
    • Mashup/Widget
    • PTC Apps
    • Security
    • Troubleshooting


    The current categories in Developer forum are:

    • Axeda
    • Connectivity
    • Edge Microserver
    • Edge SDK
    • Machine Learning
    • Security
    • Tech Tips
    • ThingWorx Composer
    • ThingWorx Extensions
    • ThingWorx Installation
    • ThingWorx Platform
    • ThingWorx Tutorials


    Any overlapping categories will, of course, remain the same. Any obsolete categories will be deleted once the new categories are brought online and assigned to posts.


    At this time, only the Developer forum has defined categories; however, you will see similar content organization work being done in the Manufacturing Apps, Service Apps and Studio forums over the next several weeks. Any user impact from this work will be announced with as much advance notice as is possible. 


    If you have questions about the migration, please visit the Lithium Migration Essentials group where you can read the FAQ, get up to speed on the timeline and changes, and ask any questions you may have.


    (This message is also cross-posted in the Lithium Migration Essentials group.)