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    tyadav Apprentice

    How to send data from ThingWorx core 8.1 to ThingWorx Analytics 8.1?



    In my previous question in the community, I asked about the availability of DataConnect in ThingWorx 8.1 and since it is not available or rather the analytics functionality is now made native to the Thingworx Core, I wanted to know how is it possible to use the generated data from the TW core into the ThingWorx Analytics.


    The latest release notes (PTC)  talk about an edge agent being automatically connected and available through microservices etc., this is a little bit confusing for me. Is there a blog/video tutorial or a documentation where it explains how the data is being sent to the TW analytics server for the model generation or if someone could explain some basic steps here with a basic example?


    Also, are the Data Analysis Definitions still relevant and how to generate the CSV files which are required for the ANalytics server?


    In short, a tutorial/steps on how to use the generated data from the TW core (eg. speed) and use it to create some prediction model in TW Analytics would be highly appreciated.



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        mgoel Apprentice

        Hi Tushar Yadav


        As reference of your previous post we can see the Christophe's relpy: 

        The functionality provided by DataConnect is being rewritten and integrated into the platform. This should become available in a future release of Thingworx. For as of now we don't have any available video or document for the same about 8.1.


        If you need to use this functionality you will need to use ThingWorx 8.0 And Analytics 8.0 With DataConnect 8.0. There is no replacement in 8.1. Or you can manually upload the csv and json file on Analytics.


        Do let me know in case of any question.



        Mohit Goel

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            tyadav Apprentice

            Hey Mohit Goel


            Thanks for the reply. I understand what Christophe meant to say in my previous post but I think this post of mine was not clear enough.


            What I wanted to know is that, in the absence of dataconnect in TW Analytics 8.1, is there a workaround which can be employed to send data from ThingWorx core to Analytics server 8.1?


            Since the dataconnect is irrelevant for the TW 8.1 package, is there a way which has been employed by PTC or others through which the property values from TW core can be prepared in such a way so that they are ready to be fed into the Analytics server?


            Also, what significance do the data analysis definitions now holds with respect to the Analytics Server 8.1 architecture and is there a documentation or tutorial available which takes care of these issues?


            I hope the questions are clear enough now.


            Please do let me know if there is still some confusion with my questions.


            Looking forward to a solution.




            Best regards,