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    How can properties of remote thing be used to dynamically build a a tree structure

    I would like to show a treeview of Organizations and their units or logical hierarchy of Organization (which might or might not be based on physical location).

    This is for a SaaS project where a SaaS admin could see all organizations and their logical hierarchy and assets/things associated with it.

    For a particular organization there will be 3 roles that should have limited visibility and permissions within that organization only.

    For a SaaS provider, except admin there are other roles like FSE (Field service engineer) which should be able to access assets for a particular region (across  geographical locations)

    I want to see how to achieve this in Thingworx. Below is an excerpt from an Axeda presentation on this topic. It seems to have a built-in, configurable way to achieve this grouping.





    Axeda presentation: Dynamic grouping and delegated administration

    Properties map

    All grouping structures can be configured to be created and managed automatically by the the system based on data that is being reported from the devices

    Properties of an asset: can be used to dynamically build a a tree structure

    Serial Number:VIN00_112344

    Model: Vehicle

    Asset Group(s): /Root Asset Group/Vehicle/Car, /Root Asset Group/Dealers/Downtown Motorcars/Car/Fiesta


    Dealer: Downtown Motorcars


    Model: Fiesta

    Type: Car

    Axeda - Dynamic grouping and delegated administration .jpg

    Axeda - Tree strucure.jpg

    Axeda - Dynamic grouping and delegated administration1.jpg