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    drichter Apprentice

    Create new Dataset in Analyticsserver -> SSLException: Unrecognized SSL message, planetext connection?



    I implement a service that create a json and a csv file consisting on a given thing. This both files will be sent via AnalyticsServer_DataThing.CreateDataset() to Analytics. Relatively common I get an SSLException on anyltics (job details):


    When it comes to this error it does not work to add a dataset via the analytics mashup either. I get the same error. On Analytics settings SSL is unchecked, and I'm not using a SSL (because I working on a local mashine).

    Sometime it help to restart analytics or the maschine where its runs.

    PS: I'm using Thingworx 8.1.1-b108 & Analytics 8.1.040000