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    Visibility Permissions - Thingworx

    Hi all,


    I am having a doubt on visibility and run time permissions for things.

    My scenario is:


    1. Thing Template

         a. Thing 1 (Unit 1)

         b. Thing 2 (Unit 1)

         c. Thing 3 (Unit 2)


    Organization  ----> a. Unit 1 ----> User 1

                                   b. Unit 2 ---> User 2


    I gave visibility permission as per mentioned above. In main template, for "getImplementedThingsWithData" service enabled all permissions for all users.

    In mashup, i created a drop down list by using "getImplementedThingsWithData" as data source. But am able to see all the things in that drop down list.

    I want see limited things as per the scenario.


    how to resolve this workflow?


    Thanks & Regards,

    Sathishkumar C.

      • Re: Visibility Permissions - Thingworx
        mgoel Apprentice

        Hi Sathishkumar C


        Could you please tell which scenario are you talking about. From which user you are logging in?


        I have tested the same scenario at my end and its working for me. If i am logging from user1 I can see Thing1 and Thing2 and from user2 I can see Thing3.


        Can you please share Things visibility permission screenshot for all three things.


        Mohit Goel