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    tyadav Apprentice

    Querying Infotable?



    I am trying to create some custom queries in order to display results of the thing's properties. I am following the format mentioned in another thread here as How to query form infotable using query function?


    Like that thread I also want to execute similar sort of thing where Speed >'20' and id=1.


    However, when executing the service, I get the error as Wrapped java.lang.NullPointerException Cause: null.

        var query = {

        "filters": {

        "type": "AND",

        "filters": [


            "fieldName": "Speed",

            "type": "GT",

            "value": "20"



            "fieldName": "ID",

            "type": "EQ",

            "value": "1"







    var params = {



    t: result /* INFOTABLE */,

    query: query



    var result = Resources["InfoTableFunctions"].Query(params);

    Please do let me know what may have been the error in the code/process and what could be the possible solution?





    P.S. I am keeping the output of the service as InfoTable